National RDP

National Rural Development Partnership

The National Rural Development Partnership (NRDP) is a multi-faceted organization bringing together partners from all levels of government as well as private for profit and non-profit organizations to address the needs of rural America. The National Rural Development Partnership has roots in the Rural Development Act of 1972, which directed the Secretary of Agriculture to coordinate a nationwide rural development program with those of State and local governments. The Rural Development Policy Act of 1980 strengthened these provisions and called for a rural development policy and strategy, as well as annual updates.

The NRDP is undergoing a transformation. In May 2002, NRDP encountered the largest change in its existence: Congressional authorization in the 2002 Farm Bill. In this legislation, NRDP was, for the first time in 12 years, recognized and encouraged to continue its work and authorized for an appropriation of $10 million. The Farm Bill charges the NRDP to “empower and build the capacity of States and rural communities to design flexible and innovative responses to their own special rural development needs, with local determinations of progress and selection of projects and activities.”

The Farm Bill also changes the structure of the NRDP slightly. Specifically, the Farm Bill authorizes the NRDP to be composed of two bodies: the National Rural Development Coordinating Committee (NRDCC) and 50 State Rural Development Councils (SRDCs). It also allows for the formation of a Governing Panel composed of representatives from both the NRDCC and SRDCs.

The new NRDP is committed to the same ideals of the old, that through cooperation and collaboration the goal of improving the quality of life in rural America can be achieved.

The Missouri Rural Development Partners is a proud and active member of the National Rural Development Partnership.

Please visit the NRDP web site at: www.rurdev.usda.gov/nrdp