MO Rural Foundation


The Missouri Rural Foundation (MRF) was established as a 501(c)(3) organization in 1997 to represent the private sector as members of Missouri’s official state rural development council, the Missouri Rural Development Partners (MRDP). MRF is dedicated to rural issue education and resolution, in tandem with the mission and goals of MRDP.

In accordance with MRF’s Articles of Incorporation, the MRF Board of Directors is made up of the private sector and local government members of the MRDP Board of Directors. The MRDP Planning Administrator serves as a non-voting member as Vice-President. Other officers are the President, Secretary and Treasurer.

MRF is seeking methods to ensure increased involvement by the private sector (for-profit and non-profit), optimize the use of private sector funding for rural sustainability, and assure successful rural issue resolution. MRF meets throughout the year to develop strategies for 1) engaging the private sector in rural issue resolution, 2) defining MRF’s role relative to rural issue resolutions, and 3) facilitating the attraction and retention of private sector funding to rural, under-served areas within the state of Missouri.


MRF is a 501(c)(3), or nonprofit organization and all contributions to MRF are tax deductible. Funding is provided to MRF by contributors such as yourself. The funds are then distributed to one or more of the MRDP working committees. MRF’s annual funds distribution process has formal guidelines and criteria. Project proposals are submitted by the Chair of the MRDP working committee, reviewed by a panel of MRF Board members, and funds are granted based on the criteria and guidelines established by the MRF Board.